amika x sephora FUN HOUSE 2019

A four-room fun house which debuted at the Sephora SLC Conference 2019 in Las Vegas. Each room represents a top-selling collection at Sephora. Worked in collaboration with Crozier Studio for booth fabrication and working renderings. My favorite project to date!

amika fun house sketch.png
Amika_ web.jpg
Amika_-3 rt web.jpg
Amika_-66_ rt web.jpg
Amika_-109 rt web.jpg
Amika_-22 rt web.jpg
Amika_-44 rt web.jpg
Amika_-12 rt web.jpg
Amika_-87 rt web.jpg
Amika_-47 web.jpg
Amika_-99 rt web.jpg
Amika_-71 web.jpg
Amika_-75 web.jpg
Amika_-106 web.jpg